The Irish Wolfhound Database and Irish Wolfhound Longevity Study invite you to the

Irish Wolfhound World Veteran Show

Online dog show for all registered Irish Wolfhounds who have reached the age of 7 years and above, for those who still are bringing joy to your life as well as thos who live on in your memories.




Entries: October 8th-18th 2020

Judging: October 20th-26th 2020

Winners awards: October 28th 2020

Entry fee

3 Euro per dog donated to IWDB. Breeders class free. You are welcome to add further donations to IWDB.

How to enter

Throgh the online entryform, send 1 Stacked photo of your senior/veteran dog. State the age of hound when photo was taken.

Add more dogs if you want to add more, and pay online with a credit/debit card.

Remember: It's a photo show, the better photo you send, the better chance to win!

IWDB requests permission to attach the photo to the hound in IWDB and asks for longevity-information is the hound is deceased. It's completely up to you if you want to give out that information and have it published.